Mr. Horn has been involved in disputes involving multiparty contracts, small business and franchise owners, real estate, personal injury, wrongful death, governmental privileges and immunity, police misconduct, and workplace matters.   Having served in leadership roles, including a $70 million operation, he has broad experiential knowledge and always seeks practical, common-sense solutions that stand the test of time - addressing structural or procedural matters to reduce the likelihood of future conflicts.  
While practicing law, Mr. Horn advised a financial services firm, and eventually became a partner, guiding the firm successfully through the 2008 financial crises and to success.   Always wanting to return to Texas, he divested his business interests and moved back to Texas for family and legal and entrepreneurial pursuits.  Formerly securities licensed and part of a top-producing firm, he has substantail knowledge of the financial services industry, financial products, and sophisticated approaches to growing and preserving wealth.   This gives Mr. Horn an excellent understanding in conflicts that involve financial matters, estates, and management disputes.  
Being creative is an important asset for a mediator.   Mr. Horn is involved in artistic endeavors, including artists and publishers.