In addition to mediation services, Mr. Horn and his team of partners provide consulting and training services on inclusion and unconscious bias, harassment, negotiations, workplace communications, and conflict resolution.   
On dispute systems design, we conduct due diligence to help companies design ombuds and/or internal positive resolution programs, tailored to the organization's culture and meeting required needs.  
As part of our free consultation, we will meet with you to learn about your company's unique needs and propose  a solution tailored to meet them.

Consulting  & Training Services

Organizational Tune-Up

In addition to mediation services, Mr. Horn and his colleagues can evaluate and update your personnel policies, procedures, and systems.    
We can also interview your staff to determine the temperature of your oganization.  Understand and receive uncommunicated goals.  To learn concerns that may involve safety and even uncover illegal acts that employees do not feel safe or comfortable in reporting.  
We can facilitate meetings and retreats, and help your organization navigate unchartered waters in building a stronger,  healthier workplace that is efficient, productive, and focused.  
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