Mr. Horn is on the family mediation panels for the family courts of D.C. Superior Court and Tarrant County.   With his expertise in the financial services  and commerce, he helps parties sort through complex financial issues, with common sense and practical solutions.    
The death of a marriage and partnership requires us to go through a grieving process, much like that of a death of a family member.   The experience is often traumatic and painful.   However, the greatest revenge is to move on with life and find happiness, seeking out old friends and making new ones, creating a new village of support around you, and being able to seek help from family and friends.   
Family mediation can provide a safe, nonconfrontational forum to divide family property and ensure that the children's best interests are met.   Unfortunately, marital settlement agreements that are made in haste or in the swirl of emotions at the courtroom steps are often poorly made, not considering various matters and leaving you with obligations that you wished you did not agree to enter.   As well, some issues are left unaddressed, creating a potential conflict down the road.   In mediation, the process involves thoughtfully addressing various interests and concerns.  
In addition to having mediated since 1991, Mr. Horn draws upon his past experience in financial services in helping parties competently navigate complex financial concepts that are important in untangling their financial assets, while preseving financial safety.   This helps him in being a more effective mediator.  
If you have children, the most important thing you and your (former) partner can do is to agree on how best to care for the children - together.   Many parties believe that they can go to court and receive justice.  Unfortunately, in our society, your divorce is one of hundreds being filed every week.  No court or amount of money will repair the feelings of betrayal or hurt.  The good news is that you will heal, life does move on, and most people end up in a happier and better place.  

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