Mr. Horn is involved as a panel member of a American Healthcare Lawyers Association, as well as licensed in health, life and disability policies.    He is aware of many of the challenges facing our healthcare community, particularly palliative care.  Some of these challenges include poor patient experiences, workplace harassment, and development of corrective action plans. 
Mr. Horn has also mediated hundreds of personal injury / insurance cases that range from typical auto accidents, slip and fall, wrongful death, and police misconduct.   He understands that each case although ordinary in category has a unique set of facts, in which clarifying issues and factual disputes, bringing an objective focus to the case, and evaluating best and worst-case alternatives to settlement. 
In choosing a mediator, Mr. Horn recommends a neutral who has experience in understanding how large organizations work and be able to work with the parties to  address systemic failures and compliance procedures.   While some mediators look simply to solve the current case, healthcare providers should consider mediators who are experienced in helping parties explore corrective actions and new procedures to avoid new problems.   That is, a good mediator will strive to resolve underlying issues that caused the conflict in the first place.  
Working in the healthcare environment can involve a lot of stress, not only for the patients but also for the healthcare professionals, who continually help those experiencing illness and medical trauma.   Maintaining empathetic communication can be challenging.   Also, administrators must deal with governmental regulatory requirements, such as, Medicare, AKS, STARK, and Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act.   
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