Mr. Horn has mediated over a few hundred insurance claim cases, including auto, windstorm, fire, and construction.   He helps parties analyze each claim, and determine a reasonable settlement amount, given the risks, stresses, and sometime unpredictability of litigation.   This involves an analysis of best and worst outcomes alternative to a negotiated settlement, and within the context of the rules of the Texas Department of Insurance and any applicable DTPA claims.  
Mr. Horn comes from a famliy of engineers and architects.   He is familiar with many of the challenges facing contractors, subcontractors, product failures, change orders, abandoned projects, fraudulent licensing, zoning issues, product defects, and "hidden expectations."   Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey has created many complex challenges for both contractors and consumers.   
Because of Mr. Horn's ability to work effectively with diverse interests and knowledge of the U.S. Capitol Complex, Mr. Horn was appointed by a leadership committee of the U.S. House of Representatives to initiate and oversee design changes to the historical structures, treasures, and grounds of our national treasure to comply  with the public-access provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.   This involved working with and leading architects, building superintendents, emergency personnel, legislative and committee staff, and others.  This also required a working knowledge of building, design and safety codes (ADAAG, Access Board, etc), as well as creativty in overcoming challenges with practical and cost-effective solutions.   
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