The fees and expenses are divided among the parties on an equal basis, unless the parties agree otherwise.   Each party shall pay their portion of the fee in advance of the mediation.  Major Credit Cards are acceptable.   Checks are made payable to Horn Legal, PLLC.   Funds are  deposited into Mr. Horn's attorney trust account.  
Fees for Tarrant County mediation services are $450.00 per party for half day (4 hrs) or $850.00 per party a full day (8 hrs).   Mediation fees in excess of these time slots may be charged at an hourly rate of $75.00 per party.  
Out-of-town mediations may incur an additional fee.
There is no additional charge for review of mediation position statements.  However, review of case files and submissions in complex cases may incur an additional fee agreed on in advance. 
Neutral conference rooms can be arranged by mediator for $300.00.
In multiparty cases, parties may pay fees based on how they are aligned.   
Multi-party disputes may require additional rooms for a suitable forum, resulting in an additional fee. 
Thank you in advance for the opportunity to help you and your clients reach a positive resolution. 
With three decades of legal and practical business experience,  I help parties identify ways not only to find solutions but also to develop ways to prevent them from recurrirng, which is why consulting is also a part of our practice.   -