Fixing the Damage Caused by Diversity Training
Unconscious Bias, Leadership, and Communication
Do you know that "diversity training" makes your workplace worse off? 
Do you want to improve  your bottom line?  
Do you want to keep from losing valued employees?  
Do you know the number ONE reason employees quit (and won't tell you)?
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  • To remain competitive, your workforce needs to resemble your client base.  
  • Do you do outdated "diversity training"?   We do effective unconscious bias training that empowers mid-managers to lead the transformation of the workplace, while improving morale, communication, and productivity, and reducing resentment, employee turnover, and lawsuits. 
  • Leaving workplace problems unresolved can cost your company 5% to 15% of net revenue, because of high turnover, increased absenteeism and healthcare costs, more job stress and errors,  poor  performance, and emotional trauma. 
  • In 2015 alone, EEOC collected $164.5 million in harassment claims, and $482 million in discrimination claims, and this does not even include private rights of action! 
  • Collateral damage – prohibited behavior emotionally injures others in the workplace, who witness the prohibited behavior and retaliation.    
  • Do you have an Action Plan to protect your company against reputational harm?  
Mr. Horn has an extensive and broad background in HR matters.  He has even trained Members and staff in U.S. House, and mediated cases there for six years.   With experience in employment litigation and investigations in various organizations, including the World Bank Group, he understands that many employment problems can be resolved easily at its earliest stages.   He can assemble a team custom for  your company to provide holistic services from training, organizational development, dispute systems design, and personality assessment. 
Mr. Horn focuses on training that uses the science of the brain in addressing issues of unconscious bias, ethics, leadership, and communication.   Studies show that diversity trainings mostly fail, creating resentment, anger, frustration, and poor morale.   We use  leadership and mindfulness techniques  to help staff recognize their strengths and give them the tools to transform their workplace.   
Below are some reasons why your company needs our help:  

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